Home renovation: Living & Dining Rooms

This month it has been one year since I bought my 117-year-old home in the Holy Rosary neighborhood in Fletcher Place in downtown Indianapolis, and I am sharing the progress I made in my home in the past year! It has been incredible how just a few simple changes really makes a space, and particularly makes the space your own.


Living Room


Dining room




Living room

I chose to make the central room light gray, so then it would be neutral as you sit in that room and look through to the colored and patterned walls in all the other rooms. I didn’t want anything to conflict, but I liked the idea of having some bold colors (like in the dining room) or patterns (like in the wallpapered office you’ll see in the next post). So you can kind of get the best of both worlds in all rooms since it is semi-open concept.

The old camera bag you see below was my late grandpa’s:)

This vintage tool box is super easy to swap things in and out according to season and holiday:)

Dining room

I bought this table from a friend and local woodworker who owns Woodwater Project (now Bowtie Woodworks) that for one year donated all proceeds to building wells in Africa. This farm table paid for 1/10 of a well!

Still in need of finding a perfect light fixture for this room.

I keep switching around what floral arrangements to put in these Ball jars. (If you noticed, I have a couple different arrangements in this post.)

The ladder on the right came from the old attic drop down that was in the kitchen. I hung Christmas lights on it last winter, and it’s just kind of been there ever since. I’m still deciding if I’m keeping it as decor or not, but I’m just trying to use what I’ve got!

All my collected beer coasters from my country-wide brewery tour.


  • Widened the opening between the living room and dining room (I considered opening it up all the way, but decided I liked the idea of having separate spaces, not only conceptually, but so I could design the areas very differently.)
  • Painted both rooms’ walls, trim & ceilings [Living room: (basically the same wall color, but had to paint because the smoke smell was so great, it needed a fresh coat) Dining Room: ]
  • Exposed brick in the corner
  • Stained the floors (did not sand, just stained to cover the scratches slightly better)
  • Chiseled all the caulk and paint that was all over the French doors and transom windows
  • Hung curtains and rods
  • Built coffee table using wood found at Midland Antiques


My amazing friends above and amazing friends in my church’s small group below.




It took me five paint samples to finally find the perfect blue-green-teal for this space.



I had nothing to do with this demo, just posing. Also, yes, I do wear the same outfit every day I would work on the house.


Even though the scratches are still there, it made a huge difference in blending the colors in a little better.



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Home renovation: Master Bedroom

This month it has been one year since I bought my 117-year-old home in the Holy Rosary neighborhood in Fletcher Place in downtown Indianapolis. I had no idea what I was doing or getting myself into when I started (as you can see in the photo below), but I can finally say I’m (almost) complete with my major projects and have learned a whooooole lot about homeownership and house renovations.


 I would love to work more on the outside of the house, but right now I’m keeping my focus on the inside mainly. I want to share the progress I have made because I’m honestly very proud of what I’ve accomplished and how it’s all turned out. I created all the designs of what I wanted the space to look like, and it was executed by a mixture of contract workers, cabinet makers, friends, my boyfriend, myself, and my dad:)

So I’m going to walk through my home with you to share the improvements I made on my home! First room in the house and my first post is about my master bedroom.

FUN FACT: This room used to be used as a formal parlor back in the day. There are two front doors to the house, and you can see that one that goes directly into this room. Guests attending weddings, wakes or general celebrations would go directly into this room from the front and would be used as a showcase to the home. The trim, transom windows, and French doors are more intricate and elaborate than any other room in the house because this was considered the most formal room.




IKEA closet! Everything pulls out, including the jewelry drawer below. No more constantly tangled necklaces.

The pants/skirts drawer pulls out as well.

And also the shoes!


  • Painted the walls, trim & ceilings [Wall color: Ravenwing — Valspar Reserve]
  • Cut out entryway for a closet (I cut into the third bedroom in order to make closet space for master)
  • Created headboard from the lath found in the part of the wall that was removed
  • Hung sliding vintage door across closet entry
  • Hung all curtains and rods
  • Put together a custom IKEA closet
  • Added light fixture
  • Added electrical outlet





How I lived for about 3 months. Notice the takeout and beer – also how I lived for about 4 months while my kitchen was being completed. Also, no light was working in the room so this lamp was the only source for quite awhile.

PS- All the plants you see here definitely died in the making of this project.


My dad teaching me how to use power tools and nail guns.


My mom went to IKEA for me on her birthday. What a good mother she is! [We also did a terrible job packing all this in and had to stop about 3 times on the way home just to make sure nothing was falling out.] So excited that my next IKEA trip will be only going to Fishers:)



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