Eric & Emily [Charlevoix, MI]

This had to be one of my favorite weddings I’ve had the opportunity to shoot. Eric & Emily are friends of mine from college, and they have to be one of the most awesome, funny, in-love, & chill bride & grooms that I’ve worked with. The night before the wedding they were kind enough to invite me to their rehearsal dinner and then they arranged a sunset cruise for all their guests that evening. I LOVED this idea. Not only because it was, well, a sunset cruise –because that in itself is amazing– but for a wedding that requires a lot of travel for its guests, it was nice for the bride & groom to be able to spend even more time with their guests rather than just at the wedding. Oh yeah, and another reason their wedding kicked ass- it was at a CASTLE.


Now for Eric & Emily’s wedding day.

Eric & his mom then broke out in a choreographed dance to that “Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle” song– whatever that’s called.. ha

We snuck back outside for some more bride & groom portraits during Golden Hour;)

This was probably one of the most fun/hilarious things I’ve ever seen happen at a wedding. That “come on ride that train” song came on, and I think literally all of Eric & Emily’s guests were doing the “train” and decided to ride it across the courtyard into another couple’s wedding reception. [I unfortunately was off-the-clock at this time so I stupidly joined the train instead of grabbing my camera ha.] The other couple’s DJ immediately changes his song to the train song as we’re filing through their reception. When we came back, all the guests from their wedding joined us for the next song, and the dance floor was PACKED. The coordinators were all freaking out, as you can imagine, because the didn’t want anyone disturbing the other’s wedding, but both brides loved it and embraced the added guests;) So I made sure to grab my camera this time to document:)


Ceremony & Reception: Castle Farms

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